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Reasons for naturalisation

Germany is a diverse country where people with and without a migrant background feel at home. You too? There are many good reasons to get German citizenship.

Wide-open career opportunities

As a German citizen, you are free to choose your profession. If you have the right qualifications then you can practise as a doctor, for example, or open a business, or become a civil servant (e.g. in the police, a school or the administration) without any restrictions under immigration law. It is also much easier to found a company as a German.

Planning a life in security in Germany

As a German citizen, you have a secure, life-long residence status. You no longer have to request permits from the foreigners authority or go to foreign consulates or embassies. A German passport therefore gives security and helps you to plan your future in Germany.

EU citizenship

When you become naturalised, you also become a citizen of the European Union (EU). This allows you to live, study and work in all EU countries without any additional permits.

Have your say: vote and run for election

As a German citizen, you can vote without restrictions and have a say in the makeup of parliaments at local, Land (federal state), federal and European level. What’s more, you can run for election as a member of these parliaments.

Freedom of travel

As a German citizen, you can travel visa-free to many countries. You will also have an easier time applying for a visa when you do need one.

The brochure My Path to a German Passport provides comprehensive information on the requirements you must fulfil in order to become a German citizen, how to apply, and how the naturalisation procedure works.

See here for a quick overview of the requirements for naturalisation, as well as answers to the most important questions about the German citizenship.

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